East Bandiana – Defence Logistics Transformation Program

East Bandiana - Defence Logistics Transformation Program
Client: Joss/John Holland Joint Venture
Value: $15 Million

As part of the Department of Defence Logistics Transformation Program, Excell Gray Bruni was contracted to perform the earthwork, pavement and landscape portions of the new Defence infrastructure.

The project was constructed in 3 different stages over 12 months. Stage 1 works were to construct a new employee car park, access roads and entrances off main road. Car Park consisted of an internal storm water system that filtered through a pollutant trap before discharging into a sediment detention basin constructed next to car park. Car park was 10,500 m2 in pavement & asphalt with kerb & gutter surrounding and islands.

Stage 2 was to construct a new entrance into the defence base. These works consisted internal storm water drainage, pavement construction, Kerb & Gutter and asphalt. All works were done to suit new gate house buildings constructed at the same time. Demolition of the existing gate house was also included in stage 2 works.

Stage 3 was the largest stage for the project consisting of 75% on the contract works. Stage 3  consisted of many different types of pavements from Concrete hard stands, Asphalt pavements, building platforms & Heavy duty concrete pavers. A large internal storm water system was also constructed that filtered through 1 of 2 pollutant traps installed before discharging into a larger constructed detention basin.